Footfalls is a suspense thriller set in central Illinois. Jimmy Culver is a computer technician who moves back to his hometown to start a new phase of his life. He has a new job working alongside his best friend, and catches the eye of a pretty divorcee in his neighborhood. Everything seems to be going well for Jimmy - but looks aren't everything. One night, as Jimmy is falling asleep, a soft, familiar sound creeps into his ear. It is a sound from Jimmy's childhood - one he had long-forgotten, as his mind pushed the terrifying events of a cold winter 30 years in the past deep into the recesses of his memory. Jimmy's life is suddenly turned upside down as he races to figure out the secret behind the sounds. He is pushed to the edge as he struggles to keep up with his new job, a new love interest, and a new nightmare that is making its way down his street, toward his house. Jimmy finds some kindred spirits who are willing to help, but they too have secrets. Secrets that may endanger his life. Jimmy needs to figure it out - fast. The sounds are getting closer...and death follows.