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Reader Responses:

I am not an avid reader but I do have my favorite authors. I now have a new number one. From the time I picked up the book the suspense was gripping. The suspense continued to build as the story unfolded. Each chapter instilled the desire to turn the page and lose oneself in the story. I am anxiously awaiting your next effort. - Jim Miller

What a super read! I greatly enjoyed the story and the suspense. Congratulations on the first of many more to come. - Gail M. Staines

I have always loved books that involved the supernatural, this one I couldn't put down. Your characters are genuine and easy to love. The story draws you in and keeps you counting til the very end! I look forward to reading more of your work in the future! - Michele Wallis

I really enjoyed your book, I started to read it Friday night, and had to make myself put it down to go to bed.  I look forward to reading your future books. I can see this made into a movie. Hope you lots of success in the future. - Diane Nerney

I loved it. It caught my attention from the start. I couldn't wait to figure out what the whoosh, whoosh was. I had all kinds of thoughts going. I kept thinking it was something logical, but couldn't figure out how there was no trace. The book definitely kept my attention and I finished it within a few days. Keep up the writing, looking forward to your next book. - Linda Dirksen

Horror is not my normal genre to read, but this book gave the fun of a horror book (suspense) without unwanted gore. The writing style is engaging and short chapters keep you wanting to read just a few more pages....until you realize you've read many more pages. The characters are well-developed, so you easily develop a relationship with them. The 1970's flashback sections brought back to mind many childhood memories. This book is a fun, quick read. - Deb Shultz

Just finished the book and I did enjoy it. Spookie suspense is not my bag, but I sure did enjoy the book. I hope you keep writing. I would love to read another one of your books. Keep it up.  - Vicki Shouse

I really enjoyed your book. It is easily my favorite book yet, I could not put it down but for only a few minutes, and lost the time every time I picked it up. I took it to work with me, and the customers had to get my attention because I was so into the book. I'm so glad I was working nights when I was reading it, because it scared me so much. I know this book will easily go to the best sellers. I now have a favorite new author. - Crystle Kuhl

I THOROUGHLY enjoyed your book. I read it in just under 2 days and it held my interest very easily. I am very impressed - your attention to detail and your wording conjured very clear images. Tremendous job – loved the book and am anxiously looking forward to the next.  - Tom Wolf

I thought I would read the first few pages during the baby's nap and wound up reading almost half the book!  I couldn't put it down!  I can't believe this is your first book. - Valerie Linn

I finished your book and absolutely LOVED it!!! My gosh, it is an awesome work.  Everything that makes a great suspense novel was flawless. - Diane Maxwell

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book. You certainly have a gift for graphic descriptions. They were fantastic. You have a great writing style. I found it hard to put down. The last 80 pages or so were so engrossing that I had to stay up late until I finished the book! That was a very late night - Bert Hull

I had to sleep with the lights on while reading your book! - Deanna Statler

Great book! I was afraid to look out my window at night! I ended up moving furniture in front of the window just to go to sleep. - Ali Warner

It brought back all of my own childhood monsters back to life. I am now sleeping with the light on again! - Michele Stewart

I thoroughly enjoyed the book. Your characters are so believable and likable that I hated to see the book end. I have read all of the Stephen King books, and (I hope this doesn't go to your head) I liked this book better than a lot of his books. Maybe it was because your book felt more 'Midwestern' in the dialect of the characters, and the basic foundation of their way of looking at life. Thank you for such a pleasurable read! - Becky Moore

I loved it! I was trying to go to bed, but every time I ended a chapter you teased me with something and I had to keep reading! - Sue Rowe

I wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your first work and I hope to see more of your writing in the future. You had the suspense (equal to King) down pat, but without quite as much gore and a much better ending. - Beth Robertson

I loved it!!! I literally couldn't put it down (which is a difficult thing to do when you have 3 kids ages 4, 2 and 1). I just wanted to keep reading and reading to find out what in the world was going on. WOW! :) Good luck with everything (and I can't wait for your 2nd book to come out). - Gina Kouri

A very interesting read. Once I started the third segment (Book Three), I could not stop until I finished it. Congratulations to a first time author. - Denis Wessler

I loved the book, I have informed my friends to purchase a copy. Eddie has a great future as a writer. I will look forward to reading his next novel. - Tom Burk

Outstanding; comparable to my favorite author, Dean Koontz. Your attention to providing detailed descriptions painted a sometimes far too vivid picture in my mind. I look forward to your next published work and hope to accumulate a collection of your books in the years to come. Great work. Congratulations on your success. - Linda Clevenger I thoroughly enjoyed your book. I will definitely purchase your next one as soon as it becomes available. - Ken Harms