Gresham can electrify the tension of a story with the best of them. He uses flashbacks and cutaways at just the right moment, leaving the reader gasping with shock, but forced to wait for what happens next and imagine the worst. He permits fear and loathing to develop over pages and chapters, introducing Jimmy’s demon as some generalized unknown thing and gradually revealing more and more frightening details. Even stylistic techniques of ever shorter sentences and briefer paragraphs are employed to ratchet up the tension, increase the reader’s apprehension, and capture the imagination. And anyone who can read the repetitive hair raising “Whush…Whush…Whush” of the demon’s encroaching footfalls and not react must be emotionally bereft. A deliciously chilling read, Footfalls is right up there in Stephen King’s footsteps. A clever, mesmerizing story that screams to be read. 5 Stars (out of 5)
                                                                                                                                                                         - M. Wayne Cunningham - ForeWord Clarion Reviews

For Jimmy Culver the nightmares of childhood contain more than just imaginary goblins that hide under the bed. Nearly forgotten events that occurred 30 years ago earlier begin to resurface when Culver takes a new job near the town where he was raised. Gresham’s first novel crafts solid characters and settings into a fast paced horror-mystery yarn in the tradition of Koontz and King. His depiction of the bonds  of friendship and trust tested by supernatural adversity gives the book depth that will please fans of both genres as well as anyone looking for a crackling good read.

— Elliott Swanson - Booklist Magazine

"Eddie Gresham's first book, Footfalls, is a creepy delight to read and savor. The story of an Illinois computer technician who moves back too close to home and a lingering horror he encountered in childhood, it builds tension steadily and smoothly to an unexpected conclusion. I found this book hard to put down, and I look forward to reading Mr. Gresham's further work."

- Sarah Hyman DeWitt Co-editor, Just an Ordinary Day: The Uncollected Stories Of Shirley Jackson